Monday, 24 February 2014

Day -15 (that’s right, minus), Cash Converters, Woden Plaza, ACT Australia

10am – It was a Saturday morning, exactly one minute after the store opened I was mildly surprised to find myself standing in line behind no less than 8 other people.

‘What do you want for it?’ asked the seemingly polite, yet patronising gentleman behind the counter.
‘It’s worth at least 60 [I assume she meant dollars]’, explained shivering junkie No. 1 (referring to her shitty bracelet).
‘I’ll give you $10 for it.’ Countered the Cash Converters guy.
There were some minor unpleasantries spoken shortly before shivering junkie No.1 accepted the offer, received her $10 and left.

Junkie No. 2 sported a used whipper snipper under her arm. I don’t know what she wanted for it as I wasn’t paying too much attention and now unfortunately I will never know. As much as I like Antique Roadshow, and could seriously appreciate a junkified spin off version of the show, I had things to do that morning.

The real question is why was I at Cash Converters at 10am on a Saturday morning? Social Experiment? Maybe. The need for urgent money? Definitely!

As both a Houlahan and a hoarder, it was pretty impressive to see me part with, let alone sell some of my ‘unused musical equipment’ (even though there is no such thing as unused musical equipment).

The real underlying reason for me gaining quick cash laid in the future plans to tour Tokyo, Japan, with the Kevin Windross Band and apparently our rock star status did not yet (at this point) include plane tickets.

The only thing different this time is that the trip wasn’t just going to be a series of covers gigs. We were off to Tokyo for two weeks to play originals, the music of Kevin Windross. Rylstone, Young, Orange, Tokyo… it seemed to be the next logical step.

Now, we all knew that Kevin was mad…we just didn’t know how deep the mad rabbit hole was.. The above is to set the scene. The next installments are to paint a picture of one of the craziest and influential experiences of my life.

Strap yourselves in, we’ve only just begun.


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