Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Day 2, Monday – Naritta Airport and Tokyo 1/7/13

6:15am – Landed in Narrita Airport and made it through customs without a hiccup. Hugh ‘Mr Details’ Blemings guided Ben and I through the airport to train station where we boarded the express train to Shinjuku. The Tokyo trains are amazing. They are super clean and they fang around like fucking rockets. Even their shitty trains are ten times better than our good ones back home. They have no graffiti, nobody pissing on them and their cup holders work better than most of my household appliances.

8:31am – Arrived at Shinjuku station and searched for the ‘Hotel Sunroute’ where we would be staying for the next two weeks. Met up with Kevin ‘The Wizard’ Windross, our fearless bandleader and friend (the term friend is used very loosely here of course). Before we could hear the sound of our luggage hitting the hotel room floor we were out of there and back on the next train to Shibuya to meet Kevin’s friend ‘Mr Kazu Ohto’. Mr Ohto had been organizing most of the logistics surrounding our tour from Japan prior to us flying over.

9:40am – Met Mr Ohto

9:47am – Within 7 minutes of meeting Mr Ohto we find ourselves in a karaoke bar in a private room singing songs of ‘The Beatles’ and ‘Toto’. Now, we’re all aware of the Japanese stereotypes about karaoke and their deep-seated admiration of the art form (roll with it), but I never imagined I’d be singing karaoke so early into our trip. Especially not the minute we stepped off the plane.

12:00pm – Back to Shinjuku and eating off the streets of Tokyo (literally). The streets in Tokyo are so clean you can eat off them. I dropped a large portion of my meal on the street and proceeded to eat it out of sheer faith of the cleanliness of the Tokyo streets. Later that week I discovered people hosing off the pavement here at least twice a day. That means that the streets of Tokyo get cleaned at least 273 times more per year than my house does. Frightening stuff.

3:14pm – Just watched an advert on the train for the video game ‘The Sims’. It scared the shit out of me.

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